Sunday, January 19, 2014

Tootsietoy Dining Room Accessories

In the late 1930's when sales of the Tootsietoy furniture started 
to slip the company started to add small accessories to 
the boxed furniture. Dian Zillner wrote this info in her book
Dollhouses and Furniture Advertising 1880's-1980's . 
On page 22 she has a copy of the ad that shows the boxed 
sets and the accessories. The pieces above were part of the
accessories  that came with the dining room sets. Thanks to 
Roy Specht for the use of his photo showing the dining
room set. I am searching for photos of the other boxed sets. 
If anyone ever sees any of them please do send me a 
link or photo! I would appreciate it!
(PS See the other post for more accessory photos!)

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