Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happy Holidays!


  1. Oops..had to change the photo. That one was toooo blurry!

  2. It is nice to emet you! I foudn this blog thru your other blog...LOL I am also new to the Yahoo group. I have a wonderful Marx Mansion! I bought it on Ebay unassembled, the person got it at an estate sale. It is almost perfect! I got a lot of the furniture too, but what drab colors! Does that tell me how old mine is? A lot of tan, nursery in baby blue and kitchen table in pink! I hope to get to know you better thru this site and the Yahoo group! Sandy

  3. Hi there. I am not sure what furniture you have. It doesn't have to be MARX to be with the house. It could be anything and any size. You could send me a photo. I think you sent something on YAHOO. I will look. WELCOME!


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